University of Toronto, Scarborough – Vivarium Design Build

Project Description

VR was hired to design build the 7th floor vivarium. A new 14,000 CFM custom air handler capable of handling the existing 6th floor vivarium, new 7th floor vivarium and future 6th floor vivarium. The design was to meet 20 air changes per hour through custom VAV, Re-heat boxes and exhaust fans. Ventilation and piping was extremely tight through the lab. The air handler was set up in the 6th floor mechanical room where it was assembled. All sections were custom measured to ensure its final position.  To keep the existing 7th floor and 6th floor vivarium online we connected temporary duct work complete with modulating dampers to an existing 90,000 CFM unit until AC #17 was commissioned. The changeover was completed in less than four hours.