Mohawk College

Project Description

The Mohawk College Partnership and Innovation Centre (MCPIC) represents a great opportunity to reinforce the advanced teaching and learning aspirations for the college. The major teaching spaces are grouped together around a social hub atrium. These high capacity spaces converge to allow the volume flow of students to interact around a café, informal lounge spaces and more private study areas.

The overarching sustainable design goal was to design the new MCPIC to be the first new build at Mohawk to achieve Net Zero. Very early in this process, the design and construction team defined a process for achieving Net Zero, through the establishment of an energy budget that would define the maximum energy upset limit integrated with a renewable energy that would match or exceed annual energy consumption. The facility will generate on-site all the energy required to power its functioning through the course of the year. This will be achieved by powering the building completely with electricity and generating the yearly total energy usage with an on-site 545 kW Photovoltiac array. The type of renewable energy systems that are providing these net zero systems are inground geothermal and rooftop solar systems to further coincide with Mohawk’s sustainable energy initiatives.

The HVAC system must be based on a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with local heating and cooling. The DOAS was desired as this type of HVAC design eliminates simultaneously heating and cooling in spaces, provides superior air quality as return air is not recirculated in the building, and maximized the exhaust air heat recovery performance.